Tentative program (by topics)

Cryptographic Primitives and Protocols

Data Privacy and Security

Applied Cryptography

Network Security and Computer Security

Coding Theory

LDPC Codes

Signal Processing

Wireless Communications

Quantum Information and Coding Theory

Boolean Functions and Sequences

Cryptography and Information-Theoretic Security

Symmetric Cryptography

Insertion and Deletion Correction

Information Inequalities

Shannon Theory

Deep Learning in Information Theory

Network Coding and Information Theory

Statistical Physics for Information Theory

Statistical Inference and Learning

Index Coding

Coded Caching

Algebraic Coding

Coding for Storage

Estimation and Detection

Source Coding and Data Compression

Communication Theory

Polar Codes

Computation and Complexity in Information Theory


Statistics and Information Geometry

Information Hiding

Information Theory for Biology

Distributed Coding and Computation

Formalization of Information Theory

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

Source and Channel Modeling