Technical program (by topics)

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A. Shannon Theory

A01. Shannon Theory

A02. Source Coding

A03. Channel Coding

A06. Quantum Information Theory

B. Coding Theory

B01. Coding Theory

B02. Algebraic Codes

B04. LDPC Codes

B05. Coding for Storage

B06. Insertions/Deletions Correcting Codes

B07. Information Theory and Biology

B08. Index Coding

C. Cryptography

C01. Cryptography

C02. Information-Theoretic Security

C03. Secret Sharing

C04. Sequences

C05. Data Privacy and Security

D. Communications and Signal Processing

D01. Wireless Communications

D02. Signal Processing

E. Learning and Formalization

E01. Statistical Inference and Learning

E02. Machine Learning and Information Theory

E03. Formalization